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Hair Restoration
In Savannah, GA

A Modern Solution for Hair Loss 

Hair Restoration at Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery

At Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery, our team understands the importance of having healthy and voluminous hair. That's why we offer personalized Hair Restoration solutions that cater to your specific needs. Dr. Timothy J. Minton will work with you to revitalize your hair and boost your self-confidence. Our advanced treatments include non-invasive options like Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, as well as cutting-edge procedures such as the NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation technique. We are here to help you achieve the full, healthy head of hair that you deserve.

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How Hair Loss Happens

We lose our hair because of the aging process. The majority of hair loss is the result of a condition known as androgenic alopecia. For men, hair loss will result in male pattern baldness, but women may also notice thin hair. We want to keep our hair in good condition, but the effects of aging are going to change our appearance. There is professional care available to protect your hair's health. Our Hair Restoration Savannah team wants to help you keep the look you want.

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How does the NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation System work?

And, How We Restore Your Hair

We restore your hair using hair transplants. The affected area should be the temple or at the front of the head. For a hair sample, we like to use another head region with a high hair follicle density. You'll be able to notice the results of the hair transplant in a few weeks, and the results should continue to improve your appearance for years. We want to give our patients the results they want, and our expertise helps us deliver quality results.

Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration

What are the benefits of Hair Restoration?

For our Savannah Hair Restoration patients, it can be a transformative journey, offering a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond a fuller mane. One of the most profound advantages is the boost in self-confidence. Thicker, healthier hair often increases self-esteem, enabling individuals to feel more comfortable and assured in social and professional settings.

 Additionally, Hair Restoration can help reverse the aging process, allowing you to regain a youthful appearance. It can frame your face beautifully, enhancing your overall aesthetic. Hair restoration procedures, whether non-surgical like PRP therapy or advanced solutions such as NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation, are minimally invasive with rapid recovery times. This means minimal disruptions to your daily life while enjoying the long-lasting benefits of restored hair. Try Our Hair Restoration Services Today

Try Our Hair Restoration Services Today

Your Hair Restoration Consultation

Our Hair Restoration Savannah experts can help you today. We want to give our clientele a healthy look they want to present. You can receive these services from a team of professionals who can help you restore your hair. The aging process can change our appearance with time, but cosmetic experts understand how to correct this. Rely on specialists who will take the time to give you personal care treatment. Take the first step towards the thick, healthy head of hair you want to realize for yourself. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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The Path to Fuller, Thicker Hair

Your Hair Restoration Procedure

Experience a cutting-edge approach to hair restoration with the NeoGraft System. Our goal is to provide you with a natural-looking, full head of hair and boost your confidence. Discover the innovative process behind NeoGraft that sets it apart from traditional hair transplant methods. The NeoGraft System combines precision and technology to achieve outstanding results. It starts with a consultation where we tailor the procedure to your specific needs. Unlike older techniques, NeoGraft is minimally invasive, reducing discomfort and recovery time.

During the procedure, our skilled team uses automated technology to carefully extract individual hair follicles from donor areas and implant them into thinning or balding regions. This method ensures a uniform and natural appearance without the linear scars associated with traditional transplants. With NeoGraft, you'll enjoy a quicker recovery and minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities sooner. Witness the transformation as your new hair grows in, restoring your hairline and confidence. Rediscover the joy of having a full head of hair through the NeoGraft System, where advanced technology meets exceptional results.

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Your Journey to a New Head of Hair

Hair Restoration Results

With hair restoration, you'll enjoy the lasting benefit of a youthful appearance. It frames your face beautifully, complementing your overall aesthetic. Say farewell to the insecurities associated with hair loss and embrace the confidence that comes with a rejuvenated look. Your hair restoration procedure results are not just about aesthetics but also about reclaiming your sense of self. Rediscover a more confident, youthful you through the life-changing results of our hair restoration solutions.

A Step Towards Renewed Confidence

Hair Restoration Recovery and Aftercare

The recovery process for our Hair Restoration procedures is designed to be swift and straightforward, minimizing disruptions to your daily life. You can expect minimal discomfort and downtime, allowing you to confidently return to your routine.

Our aftercare recommendations are tailored to your specific procedure, ensuring your new hair thrives and maintains its natural appearance. We are here to answer your questions, provide ongoing support, and help you maintain the results you've achieved.

Hair Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions

NeoGraft is an advanced hair restoration system that uses automated technology to extract individual hair follicles from donor areas and implant them into thinning or balding regions. Unlike traditional methods, NeoGraft is minimally invasive, resulting in reduced discomfort and a quicker recovery. It also leaves no linear scars, offering a more natural-looking outcome.

While individual results may vary, most patients start to see noticeable hair growth within three to six months after their NeoGraft procedure. Hair thickens and improves over time, with the full results becoming evident within a year or more. NeoGraft's gradual and natural-looking results make it a popular choice for individuals seeking a fuller head of hair.