Scar Revision

Scar removal surgery can repair scars in patients unhappy with the shape or size

Scar revision is a surgical procedure to correct excessive scarring as a result of a an injury, acne, or prior surgery. Often, patients who want scar revision are unhappy with the shape or size of their scar.

Scar revision is a delicate and specialized procedure because it’s treating skin that has already experienced trauma.


Scar removal before photo
scar removal after photo

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You may be an ideal candidate for a scar revision procedure if you are interested in improving the look of an unsightly scar. It’s important to note that anytime the skin is cut, it will leave a visible mark. However, a skilled plastic surgeon is trained to create the most minimal scarring possible. As with all medical procedures, excellent candidates are those in good overall health and who have informed, realistic expectations.


An initial consultation with Dr. Minton is the first step to any procedure. There he will discuss your health history and closely examine your scar to determine the precise changes to be made in order to meet your needs. Depending on the scar, Dr. Minton will either choose a surgical procedure to reorient and conceal the scar or he will suggest a treatment such as a noninvasive laser procedure or microneedling to minimize the scar.


The procedure for a scar revision is personalized to address the type of each scar. Some patients may only require a small touch-up, while others may require a more extensive revision. Local or or general anesthesia will be used depending on the extent of the procedure. Often, Dr. Minton will surgically reorient and conceal the scar, and close the incision with sutures.


After a scar revision, sutures are usually removed within a week. Swelling, discoloration or discomfort may last for 1 to 2 weeks.


How long does a scar revision take?
A scar revision is very personalized so the time it takes to perform depends on the size, scope and nature of the scar.

How much downtime can I expect after a scar revision procedure?
In most cases, patients can return to their daily activities immediately. Sutures are usually removed within a week. Swelling, discomfort or discoloration may last 1 to 2 weeks. It may take up to a year for some scars to fully heal and become less visible.

Will it hurt?
The patient doesn’t feel anything during a scar revision. Depending on the nature of the scar, the area may swell or feel tender after the procedure, but this can be treated with over-the-counter medication.


Our skilled, double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Minton is available to discuss revision scar revision in greater detail during a consultation at our Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery office in Savannah. Arrange your consultation by contacting us today.