Earlobe repair

Earlobe repair at Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery can fix numerous defects

There are a number of issues that can contribute to an earlobe defect. Earlobe repair is a blanket term that refers to a number of different surgical techniques to reconstruct the ear. It is also one of the most common procedures performed by plastic surgeons.

Earlobe repair is ideal in treating the following issues:

Earlobe repair before photo
Earlobe repair after photo

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  • Keloid scars in the earlobe
  • Overly large lobes
  • Gauged holes from piercings in need or repair
  • Stretched holes in earlobe (often from heavy piercings)
  • Asymmetrical lobes
  • Stretched lobes
  • Split earlobes


You may be an ideal candidate for an earlobe repair procedure if you experience any of the issues listed above.

As with all medical procedures, excellent candidates are those in good overall health and who have informed, realistic expectations.


An initial consultation with Dr. Minton is the first step to any procedure. There he will discuss your health history and closely examine your earlobes to determine the precise changes to be made in order to meet your needs.


The technique for an earlobe repair surgery depends largely on the nature of the issue.

In most cases, the surgery takes place under local anesthesia and requires no downtime. However, procedures to shorten the earlobes or repair gauged holes often require one or two days of rest.


How long does an earlobe repair procedure take?
After the initial consultation, an earlobe repair procedure usually takes 30 minutes to one hour. However, more complex surgeries–such as a repairing a gauged hole–may take longer.

How much downtime can I expect after an earlobe repair procedure?
In most cases, sutures will be removed within a week of the surgery. Most patients can return to their daily activities immediately, while a few procedures require a day or two of downtime.

Will it hurt?
The patient doesn’t feel anything during an earlobe repair. Post surgery, patients are unlikely to experience discomfort that can’t be treated with an over-the-counter medication.

What is the difference between an earlobe repair and an otoplasty?
An earlobe repair addresses any disfiguration of the earlobe, whereas an otoplasty surgically treats protruding or prominent ears.


Our skilled, double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Minton is available to discuss an earlobe repair procedure in greater detail during a consultation at our Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery office in Savannah. Arrange your consultation by contacting us today.