Female Pattern Hair Loss

Dr. Timothy Minton treats female pattern hair loss 

Female pattern hair loss is a term used to describe hair loss in women. Female hair loss occurs when there is a change in the hormones; particularly in estrogen and male sex hormones. This is the most common cause of thinning and hair loss in women. Hair loss in women is different than hair loss in men. For example, the hairline usually does not recede in female pattern hair loss. Instead, it widens and eventually progresses to diffuse thinning in the temples, vortex and front.

Patchy or circular bald spots - Some women may experience coin-sized bald spots. In most cases, this will only affect the scalp, but sometimes it may affect the eyebrows as well.

Hair that suddenly loosens - Experiencing a type of shock can cause your hair to loosen. Handfuls of hair may even come out as you comb, wash or tug on it.

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Causes of Female Hair Loss

On average, we lose about 100 hairs a day. This doesn't cause any noticeable thinning as there is always new hair growing in at the same time.

Most hair loss problems are related to a few of the following factors:

Hereditary - This is the most common cause of hair loss. Most of the time, it typically occurs with aging and predictable patterns such as a thinning part in women.

Hormone changes - There are a variety of conditions that can cause either temporary or permanent hair loss. This can include the hormones changing during pregnancy, menopause and thyroid issues.

Medication - Some medication used for depression, heart problems or cancer can cause hair loss.

Treatment Options

Hair loss won’t be the same for everyone. Early diagnosis and treatment is the best way to slow or even stop the progression of female hair loss. Here are a few ways that female hair loss is treated:

  • Rogaine
  • Laser Hair Stimulation
  • NeoGraft
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Although no one wants to lose their hair, most women are deeply affected by their hair loss. That’s why it’s important to tackle the problem early before it gets progressively worse. If you’re suffering from female hair loss, call us at 912-644-0744 to schedule a consultation today.