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No, for real, does it hurt?

Injectables and facial fillers are considered “non-invasive” procedures, but does that mean they’re pain-free, too?

By Andrea Goto

The first time I got Dysport (Botox’s fraternal twin), I was nervous. I mean, no one really wants needles stuck in their face. But I was also excited about the potential results, which really tempered my anxiety. It’s like working out; sometimes it hurts, but it’s totally worth the effort. Except all I had to do for Dysport was sit there while Dr. Minton did all the work, and I didn’t even break into (much) of a sweat.

Fear keeps people from doing all sorts of dumb things. I’m not going to cliff dive or tightrope across a canyon because my risk assessment says to avoid such activities. But I can totally get behind some fleeting and slight discomfort when the payoff is good.

Spoiler alert: the payoff is good.

Dysport injections require a quick prick of the skin—way easier than a flu shot. The discomfort is minimal—it’s like a bee sting, but faster and with no residual pain. You aren’t going deep into the skin, and the injections are very brief. Dr. Minton uses an old-school technique of applying ice to the site before the injection, making parts of the treatment barely noticeable. Worst case, my eye twitched.

After, you look like a swarm of bees stung your face, but even that isn’t uncomfortable and only lasts for a few minutes.

Today, I also had Juvederm Voluma injected into my cheekbone area to fill it out and lift those encroaching jowls. I’ve had friends warn me that the procedure is more uncomfortable than Dysport, but I would simply describe it as “different.” Dr. Minton applies a topical anesthetic to numb the area. Yes, the needle goes deeper (only because he tells me so), but the stick feels about the same. The filler is injected very slowly to ensure the proper placement and dispersal, and at times it can feel a bit like you’re being inflated (um, you are). So, if you understand how fillers work, the sensation is less alarming.

It’s weird, but let’s be clear: my face is being injected with filler.

Does it hurt? No. I actually found it equal to, if not easier than, Dysport.

The Juvederm Voluma payoff is instant even though Dr. Minton tells me that it will take about two weeks to see the full effect. The structure of my face feels slightly different to the touch.  And those jowls? Already a bit lifted. There’s a calming effect to having injectables and fillers that no one really talks about. You suddenly aren’t squinting or scowling. There’s a subtle, temporary numbness that makes the whole face feel as if it has taken a big-ass, much-needed, breath of Zen. 

Look, in modern medicine, there are few procedures that require you to endure pain, and cosmetic, non-invasive treatments are no exception. Do we have to suffer for beauty? Not so much. Is it liberating to have the options available to us? 100%. 

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