Botox for Men

“Brotox” for Beginners

A Botox virgin goes under the needle—and yes, he’s a dude. And no, that’s not weird.

By Andrea Goto

Brotox—it’s a thing. I suppose the term is an attempt to masculinize what is wrongly assumed to be a procedure primarily for women. But I have fine lines and wrinkles and so do you, dude. And we can both do something about it.

When I asked my profoundly low-maintenance husband if he’d like to try Botox (I promise it was an offer, not a suggestion), he said “Sure.” Five days later when the appointment rolled around, he bailed.

His excuse: “It’s weird.”

My translation: “I’m scared.”


Botox for Men before photo


Botox for Men after


I find a willing participant in my bestie’s husband, John. His French-Canadian background may account for his willingness to do just about anything if it sounds fun. (I may have emphasized “you’ll look great!” over “you’ll get needled in the face!”)

When we arrive at Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery—yes, “we” because I wasn’t going to miss this—John appears enthusiastic and not even a bit nervous. Then I remember that he injects himself with insulin every few hours, so a little poke in the head is just another day.

Dr. Minton calls us back and he examines John and talks to him about his goals. John, 53, is a good-looking guy who’s aging in the Clooney-esque fashion: salt and pepper hair, smile lines and a few blinds on the forehead from beach days. But John would like to see some of those character lines softened a touch, not to take him back to his 20s (because that would be weird), but the mid-40s were pretty nice.

After the consult, Dr. Minton has some “before” photos taken and then leads us into the procedure room, which is simply a reclining chair in a room with nice paintings and piped-in indie rock. And a tray of needles.

I’m being dramatic. Having had Botox, I know that the needles don’t actually hurt—some of the injections aren’t even felt, and for the others, it’s just a brief prick. With the first injection, I’m not even sure John blinks. He remains very stoic for the rest of them, which I know is really difficult for his squirrel-like energy.

Once the procedure is complete, I’m surprised at how quickly the bug-bitey “welts” from the injections disappear. Mine tend to last about 5 minutes, but John’s are barely detectable. I guess “Brotox” is different like that. (Pfffffft)

A week later, I can already see that John’s lines have softened. His wife reports that she caught him sneaking a few additional glances in the mirror (it’s kind of hard not to) and that some of his buddies did tease him when they found out—followed immediately by a stream of questions about how much it costs, does it hurt, does it work, where can I get it done…

See, bros, here’s the deal: Botox isn’t just for women. It’s for wrinkles. It’s for someone who wants to look refreshed. It’s for anyone willing and able.

When I show my husband John’s results, all he says is: “Pretty good.”

My translation: “It should’ve been me, bro.”


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