Dermaplaning reverses the effects of acne and aging and is available at Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery

Dermaplaning is essentially a deep exfoliation of the skin, evening out your texture, pigmentation, and reversing the effects of acne and aging. It also removes the small, unwanted “baby fuzz” than can show up on our face as we age.

The process of dermaplaning involves taking a straight-edge scalpel to the face, removing the dead layer of skin using small upward strokes. This tends to sound worse than it is; besides being an incredibly effective way to exfoliate and remove unwanted hair, dermaplaning is entirely painless.

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You may be an ideal candidate for dermaplaning if you’ve have uneven skin texture or tone, acne scarring or unwanted facial hair. As with all medical procedures, excellent candidates are those in good overall health and who have informed, realistic expectations.


An initial consultation with Dr. Minton is the first step to any procedure. There he will discuss your health history.


The procedure for dermaplaning is fairly simple and entirely painless. Dr. Minton uses a surgical scalpel to remove the dead layers of skin by applying short upward strokes.


The great thing about dermaplaning is that there’s no downtime. You can get back to your normal activities immediately, though there may be some initial redness for a few minutes.

You will begin to see results immediately. Often, patients will return on a regular basis to repeat the treatment, keeping their skin fresh and rejuvenated.


What is the difference between dermaplaning and exfoliating?
Dermaplaning is actually a form of exfoliation, only it’s more intense and effective compared to abrasive soaps and lotions. Dermaplaning removes unwanted facial hair and dead layers of skin. This process leaves behind younger-looking skin that is more even in texture and pigment.

Is dermaplaning safe?
Dermaplaning is an entirely safe procedure, though it should always be administered by a skilled and certified physician.

How long does a dermaplaning treatment take?
After the initial consultation, a dermaplaning treatment only takes about 45 minutes.

Will it hurt?
Dermaplaning is entirely pain free. It has been described by patients as feeling as if someone is “sketching” on their face with a pencil.

How long do the effects of dermaplaning last?
The exfoliating effects of dermaplaning will generally last 4 to 6 months. Often, multiple treatments (3-4) spaced over 2 to 4 weeks are initially administered to achieve the desired results, after which regular maintenance is recommended.

Is dermaplaning a good alternative to surgery?
Unlike surgery, the effects of dermaplaning are not permanent, so it is not considered an alternative to surgery such as a facelift, but it can prolong the need for surgery. Additionally, it can be used as a way to “preview” the results of more permanent procedures.


Our skilled, double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Minton is available to discuss dermaplaning in greater detail during a consultation at our Savannah Facial Plastic Surgery offices in Savannah and Pooler. Arrange your consultation by contacting us today.

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